Luxury Light Backpacking

Luxury Light Backpacking is here to share amazing trips, helpful tips, gear reviews, and backcountry camping experiences and expertise. On these trips we go light not necessary to always go fast but to save space for those sometimes wished upon ‘luxury items’ to assist in our fun in the wild. With the proper lightweight gear you can save space for the items you want most to enjoy on your adventures! Sometimes it feels good to slow down, sit back and enjoy the moment nature has to offer, and every once in awhile that requires a beer.

Ultralight backpacking has increased in popularity with more options to go light on the trail and people realizing the benefits of traveling with minimal gear (i.g. moving quick with potential to travel further while thru hiking). Thru hiking is a great genre of backpacking for a long distance trip where you must reach your destination by a specific date or time. Most thru hikers feel guilty bringing those ‘luxury items’ as they know if not absolutely necessary it’s only slowing them down thus challenging their excursion. This is a great way to explore when looking to push the boundaries but what about for the more relaxed backpacker looking to slow down and explore their surroundings and maybe crack a brew with a friend.

Maybe you’re not doing a long thru hike, such as The Pacific Crest Trail, and you’re just trying to get away for the weekend with some buddies yet still want to venture out overnight on the trails. You like traveling light but know there are food or luxury gear items that would be sweet to have at camp, but can you bring them? Well the answer is if you pack wisely, and Luxury light is here to help show you how. Luxury Light Backpacking is for the camper who wants to travel light enough to enjoy the hike while carrying enough gear to throw a party if they wanted to at camp. Comfortable lightweight backcountry camping at its most fun!

About the Author

My name is Rob and with this site wish to share my backpacking/camping experiences and show your how to combine lightweight gear with ‘personal luxury items’ to enjoy your best adventures yet! I hope to inspire others to get out and explore and show that backpacking/camping can be more comfortable and luxurious than you may think. Who knows maybe this site will be able to help you motivate and inspire your loved ones to come along for the next adventure. Wouldn’t that be cool! No one should ever be afraid to explore the outdoors only to miss the lessons and opportunities mother nature offers. Lets all get out there and have a good time!


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  1. Great idea. I look forward to your posts. –Curt

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