Henry Coe Test Trip for Hawaii

I had not been backpacking in a few years since exploring the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in my college days and my gear had been missing me for sometime. With trying to keep up with the ‘real world’ I had forgotten joys of exploration and instead was finding adventure through entrepreneurship.

It had been 2 years after opening my business and I had just met this super cute amazing girl craving adventure such as I had been. I told stories of my previous adventures which led to me showing off all my camping and backpacking gear and we quickly got excited, eager to plan the next trip.

It was then I got an invitation from a best friend from college saying he was getting married in Hawaii. I thought we would never be able to make the trip since traveling to Hawaii can obviously be costly, especially the hotel rooms. I pretty much thought there was a 0% chance we would go. My adventure hottie was getting excited for the opportunity and excuse to travel and had told me she had some funds saved for a trip like this. Suddenly the odds started to rise and so did my excitement. Yet still how much really would this trip be?

My parents happen to own a condo on the island of Kauai and I have some familiarity with the land. Although my parents offered to let us stay at their place, it had been booked up for whole week we wanted to go since they rent it. I then got a brilliant idea. What if we camp!

I had never camped or backpacked in Hawaii and had only really done the resort scene. You know pina coladas, beach front views, with a shower and bed to go back to. Little did we know we would be able achieve these same luxuries without the high resort costs.

This trip was becoming more and more achievable in our heads as we discussed the possibilities of camping and backpacking the islands. But we knew one thing… we couldn’t just jump on a plan with gear which hadn’t been used in a few years and expect a successful trip. As well, my adventure hottie was in need of some new gear of her own which we would need to test. The next day we made a trip to REI.

As I researched local backpacking spots to test all the gear, I came across Henry W. Coe State Park. I had been there before but never for a backpacking trip and decided this would be the spot. With hills to test our endurance and easily accessible backcountry permits it would be a great spot to break back in our outdoor skills and test all the gear we planned to bring.

As we packed up to head out we of course took much longer to get everything together than we expected since not being on a trip in a while. We got to the trail head at about 2:00pm and I knew we wouldn’t be able to travel more than 5 Miles or so before having to set up camp but whatever as long as we were getting back there and putting ourselves and the gear to the test it would be a successful trip.

We started at the Hunting Hollow entrance and easily was able to self pay for parking and backcountry permits. We threw on our packs and  headed down the trail.Before even getting a quarter mile in we spotted a tarantula reminding us of the wildlife out here. We headed up the hills that Henry Coe is known for and started quickly wishing we had been more weight conscience of our packs and wondering if we really needed everything we brought.

After trekking up this hill for some time we were beginning to hit the ridge top as well as chasing a view of the incredible sunset. After making it to the top of this hill we found a flat spot on the ridge and an incredible view for the sunset. Since it was getting dark we decided to set camp here.

For dinner we made one of my backcountry favorites, pasta! I make my own past sauce and we had some luxury food items as well for this trip such as cheese and wine 😉

Dinner was excellent and had on our minds if the wild life would think so as well. We finished dinner, cleaned up, and climbed into the tents. The next morning we woke to the sunrise.

It was a clear and gorgeous day. We packed up our tent and headed out on the trail to explore some more of the trails.

Overall it was great trip to get out and get our feet went again after not backpacking for while and was a great time with amazing views! I will be adding more detail as to what gear we used and plan to bring to Hawaii as well as more trail details. See you back soon!

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